Building the Virtual Reality Platform
for 21st Century Healthcare

Our technology brings psychological treatment into everyone’s pocket

Sympatient revolutionizes the healthcare industry by enabling millions of patients to use therapeutic virtual reality interventions on their personal smartphone with mobile applications. Our solutions can help patients as a first access point to professional therapeutic content and by accompanying existing therapy.

Immersive therapy

Mobile virtual reality has the potential to change the way we cope with anxieties, pain, or experience relaxation. Our technology enables this immersive virtual reality experience on patients’ smartphones.

Access for everybody

We want to empower patients by providing the standard of care to the severely underserved population of mentally ill patients. We do this at a fraction of traditional therapy’s cost.

The standard of care

Our products are based on long-standing scientific findings, gathered in the fields of psychotherapy and virtual reality. We advance our technology and content in clinical trials.

Our products

We empower users to improve their mental health in the fields of anxiety, stress management, and relaxation.
  • Fear of flying
  • A therapist introduces background knowledge on the fear of flying and how to tackle it
  • A real pilot clears out the most common misconceptions about flying
  • Users participate in a virtual reality flight training to learn coping with their fear
  • Stress management and relaxation
  • A trained psychologist introduces core concepts of stress management and relaxation in an interactive course
  • The app provides tasks and exercises to lower your personal stress-level and learn to live a more relaxed life
  • The course offers meditations and trainings in beautiful, calming virtual reality scenarios
  • Phobias
  • A therapist introduces the standard concepts of exposure therapy
  • The course enables patients to start coping with their fears before beginning therapy
  • Users can exercise for real life confrontation with a variety of virtual reality simulated everyday situations

We believe in empowering people to improve their mental health with technology. Do you?

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